La desembocadura / the estuary


In that other language, the act of river transforming into sea

sounds something like un-mouthing, a peculiar un-utterance

since this is the negation of the act of entering the mouth

or – freedom from the state of being within the mouth

(constraints of teeth, tongue, gums,

the imperatives of chewing and forming words)

or – being liberated from the conventions of language learnt.

Mover los labios dota al silencio de un valor embrionico

al ser posible que cada palabra

acabe vocalizada.Brighton’s

[inverse of an entry] into

[that which exists in contrast with a mouth]

is produced by twin movements

que corren subterráneos por Patcham

a lo largo de Lewes Road in hidden power

y se van abriendo hacia el canal de la mancha.

Its underground perspectives are freed from

las lenguas de la superficie as they move closer

to their saltwater incarnation – while generating surface

interpretations : “hidden” /

/ “flooding” / “lost” /

In the un-forming of something invisible making its way into

simple vastness, el horizonte implica la aventura de lo distante.




En la des/integración que experimentan los invisibles ríos de Brighton en el mar,

the mouth forming them before their final briney expulsion

is punctuated by crooked concentric circles of Georgian teeth

stained candy floss colours. Este es el pasadizo desde dentro a fuera.

In anatomical knots the head in which this mouth is placed

twists back, jammed close against the rolling fat

on this body which starts, contorted, at England’s southern tip.

With chalk-skin crumbling, pores deepened by foxes’ nocturnal scavenging;

por sus pasadizos escondidos corre la sangre de la ciudad

en su submarine throat, escondida por el imperativo capitalista de la construcción.


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