El olor a membrillo : impossibly / capture / beyond / stopped


For a year the scent of the

membrillo wafted through

my window most evenings

from the South Downs              




bringing a familiar light

sun-exposed limes

seguido por egg yolk

spreading into the

University of Sussex     

 I would head into the hills

following its scent

distracted by this light

transforming trees   too far

north             me escapa

cosas de la vida    

it was but añoranza de verano

tardío        and impossible to




cosas que pasan again and

again past autumns

recalled                perpetual

amid falling leaves sensed

it spread from the hills to

my room on campus

trailing eventually onto

the bus and                  



I looked out for hints in

Antonio Lopez’s Madrid

paintings    the softness of

sunflower petals    women’s

top lips on every street

learnt to navigate by

“foreign” grocers and

botanical gardens but when

I left my campus room the scent



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