What is the constitution? 

The constitution sets out the direction and structure of The Corrugated Wave. It is written and approved by all members of the core team.

What is The Corrugated Wave?

The Corrugated Wave places voice and intimacy within digital possibilities, questioning and blurring the boundaries between the journalistic, academic and artistic ways stories are told.

We examine the possibilities of the written world in a digital age and supplement written word with video, audio, photographic and fine art submissions.We look to publish new, emerging and questioning voices with things to say – in one form or across many.

The Corrugated Wave accepts personal essays, investigative and slow news, poetry, fiction, critical essays, reflexive work, fine art, film, audio projects, interviews…

The webzine is run by a collective of journalists and creatives.

How will The Corrugated Wave function?

At the core of The Corrugated Wave is a desire to transgress traditional boundaries between the creative and critical and to put the human narrative at the heart of the story. Therefore, the format of the website will not have exact “sections” but rather broad themes. Exactly how this works visually and in practice will be sorted out as the web design evolves and more content is published.

Content will be advertised on Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram will be used to showcase artwork and Youtube will be used for video content.

Anyone can submit content to The Corrugated Wave but each piece must be signed off by at least two members of the core team before it is published.

How is The Corrugated Wave run?

We want to make The Corrugated Wave a collective endeavour without a traditional hierarchy.

The webzine will therefore be able to benefit from a variety of different ideas and viewpoints while simultaneously offering everyone an equal stake in its collective success.

That being said, a core team will manage the day-to-day running of The Corrugated Wave so that the smooth running of the publication is guaranteed. The duties of the core team team are:

  • Updating social media and the website
  • Replying to emails
  • Editing submissions
  • Planning content and when it will be released
  • Signing off any advertising projects or publicity events
  • Writing the Corrugated Wave constitution
  • Contribute to any financial costs that arise as part of the The Corrugated Wave’s everyday running. For instance, the cost of registering the domain name

Anything that is publicly published (new content, social media etc.) must be checked first by at least one other member of the core team. Access to the website, email and social media is currently restricted to the core team.

The Core team is currently comprised of  Freya Marshall Payne and Tom Robinson. New members of the core team must be agreed to by a majority of the existing core team.

Whilst the core team will manage the everyday running of The Corrugated Wave, the editorial collective are the creative force behind the project. The editorial collective will:

  • Source and write content
  • Edit submissions
  • Take an active part of any advertising project or publicity event
  • Set the direction of CW

The current members of the editorial collective are: Freya Marshall Payne, Tom Robinson, William Shier, Alice Hill-Woods, Jed Grainger, James Robinson, Georgia Grace 

Each member of the editorial collective has one vote to decide upon issues relating to the general direction of The Corrugated Wave, the running and planning of a publicity event or any wider issue that falls outside the general everyday and administrative running of The Corrugated Wave. Any member of the collective can raise a question to go to vote. (In extreme cases, the core team by majority vote can step in to refuse a question going to vote if it severely undermines the integrity of The Corrugated Wave as set out in this constitution and the previous mission statement. In practise, this is highly unlikely to happen.)

Anybody wishing to join the editorial collective must first be approved by a majority vote in the core team. (In reality, the overwhelming majority of those who wish to join the collective will be admitted as the only qualifying factor is a willingness to contribute. The only reason for an application to be rejected would again be a threat of contravening the integrity of the publication’s mission as set out in this constitution and the previous mission statement.)