A disembodied performance

You have reached this page after encountering a QR code somewhere in Brighton which has led you to a poem.

This is the “Disembodied performance” project. It uses virtual transportation as a subversion of geographic location. The poems themselves invite you to consider elsewheres – other places in Brighton, further flung locations, and ultimately other ways to experience place. 

Thank you for scanning the code and for becoming part of this. “A disembodied performance” is the culmination of my creative writing dissertation at the University of Sussex and its goal is using digital technology to create an inter-space between reader, text, author and location. The work is removed from the geographic and its traditional textual realm at the same time as access to it remains dependent on being in the landscape where you encountered the code. It also invited you, as reader, to cross a boundary of your own into the geography of the internet, meaning your agency is central to this work.

I hope you have enjoyed the poem you encountered. You are invited to keep exploring the city and the other works in this series.

– Freya Marshall Payne