Thank You for Shopping With Us by Anne Casey

Thank you for shopping with us Thank You For Shopping With Us is a merger of journalism and poetry presented as a till receipt reflecting on the true cost of four beef steaks. Anne Casey is a writer originally from the west of Ireland but currently living in Sydney, Australia. Her poems feature internationally in newspapers, magazines, journals and books. Her writing and poetry rank as most-read pieces in The Irish Times newspaper. Salmon Poetry published Anne’s poetry collection, where the lost things go in July 2017. She has won the Glen Phillips Novice Writer Award and has been short-listed for the Cúirt International Poetry Prize, Eyewear Books Poetry Prize, Bedford International Writing Competition and the Bangor Annual Poetry Competition. The design for “Thank You For Shopping With Us” was created by Jed Grainger for The Corrugated Wave. ———————————————————————————————- We are currently looking to raise £36 to cover the costs of running the website, so if you’ve enjoyed reading our content – why not buy us a coffee?

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  1. Good visual representation of the poem’s content – I really like this combination of format and text: really good meta-contextualization, the familiar reference of the receipt’s font and layout creating the right ‘bang’ of discordance with the words.


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